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A Skeptics Tale

One of the most interesting things for a paranormal tour operator is to meet all the different dynamics of people that seek them out. Some come there to pursue a chance experience of the supernatural nature, while others like to learn the dark history most other tours won’t dare speak of. Some people have a curiosity of death and what lies on the other side and hope to get a little nugget of extra knowledge of the spiritual realms. Others enjoy the history aspect of the tour and could care less of the spectral side. There are those that just come out for the Halloween of it and make it an annual autumn tradition. People that consider themselves sensitives or mediums like to get into the hidden spaces of the tour and see what they can feel. Sometimes people who believe in what others call crazy find solace in a space that makes them feel sane for a bit. Some just like a different style of entertainment than the the norm.

But perhaps the most interesting of them all is the skeptical crowd. Most of the time dragged along by a group of friends with an interest stated above. Most will still enjoy the evening despite their reservations of the truth of any of it. One tour consisted of an entire group of skeptics, a group of computer science graduate students in town for a convention. We engaged in lively debate throughout the evening on the scientific reasons behind any paranormal events mentioned. For instance, shadow people are merely residual electrical impulses trapped inside the retina of the eye. The fact that shadow people are now being captured in video and pics frequently threw them for a loop a little bit but it was still a fun and engaging exchange of ideas. Even though they didn’t believe, they still enjoyed getting into some of Denver’s oldest buildings, hearing the stories, and the unusual conversations they sparked. Very few places in this world talk openly of unnatural things like a good ghost walk and the discussions that ensue are endless, so a skeptical mind is always welcome on this tour. But be careful, occasionally those doubtful thoughts get challenged in a way you might not be expecting.

On one particular evening, a skeptics whole disbelief system came crashing down around him. He was almost to the point of being a militant skeptic at the beginning of the tour. The mere mention of ghosts or any strange happenings led to his uncontrollable eye rolls, scoffs, and laughs at the absurd subjects he was being subjected to. He was never rude or interrupting but his clear disdain for the supernatural was apparent throughout the evening. Luckily his friends were really into the presentation and even began giving him a little light-hearted ribbing over his staunch and unwavering disbelief. But things changed when we hit our last location.

Our last stop has become infamous with the occasional happenings. It is probably one of the main reasons I wanted to start Tales from the Tour. Enough things have happened down there in that keg room that is almost undeniable the presence of something other worldly being there. And on this particular evening, that presence wanted to be seen.

As I told the stories of some of the things that had happened there over the years, I noticed something happening with my skeptic. Something drew his attention behind me and a shocked look of  disbelief  took over his face. He turned to one his friends and nudged him in the side and whispered something in his ear. Then he pointed behind me and that shock look was replaced with anger. I wasn’t sure what was going on but continued until I finished my story.

The rest of the guests of the tour began investigating the space as is customary with the end of this tour. But the skeptic headed straight for the door and waited for his friends in the hall clearly upset by something. I approached him and asked if he was OK and he said he did not want to talk about it. But his friend did. He told me that his skeptical friend saw a figure leaning against the wall behind me, wearing all white. An apparition had taken form in front of his disbelieving eyes. When he told his friend of it and looked back it was gone. But the impact of what just happened was overwhelming to him. He was very comfortable in the belief system he had for all those years. He had never seen or experienced anything like that before so why would he believe it existed until then. His reality was shattered in just a few seconds of a glimpse of something on the other side. he is probably angry about it to this day.

The goal of this tour is not to change anyone’s beliefs. There is no attempt to convince anyone that the paranormal is real but convincingly provide the stories of those that have experienced such things. I strive to offer an entertaining, compelling, thought provoking, and at times unnerving tour. I only want to show you a different side of Denver, the spirits on the other hand, may have a different agenda. One skeptic at a time, they will prove them wrong.

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