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A tale of gratitude…

We were in the keg room at the last location of the tour. The mood had been light and even jovial at times throughout the evening, but it changed as soon as we walked in those doors. There was an unfamiliar smell of sulfur in the room and it brought with it an air of uncertainty. As I spoke of the soldiers bodies that had been stored there many years ago, the feeling of death and grief seemed to overcome one woman. I noticed how much her expression had changed as soon as we got in that room. She went from smiling and enjoying her haunted walk through Denver to suddenly holding back tears in a matter of seconds. Within moments she couldn’t stop the tears and she quietly began to cry as I told the group of Isabella who is thought to make her presence known there. As the tears rolled down her cheek she began to look confused. She couldn’t understand why she was crying. I asked her if she was alright and if she needed to step out of the room. She said she had never felt such heavy emotions take her over so suddenly like that. She felt the pain of the families that had lost their loved ones to battle. Sometimes emotions linger in a place long after the signs of the tragedies are gone and some people pick up on them as soon as they are around them.

This isn’t the first time this has happened on the tour. Numerous people have had brushes with the paranormal. People have been touched by unseen things, heard voices, children laughing, even demonic sounding growls in their ears that have stood the hair on their neck straight up. People have taken pictures of orbs, shadow figures, ghostly faces, and other strange anomalies. Phones have stopped working and just shut of with plenty of power left. So many unusual things have happened it makes sense that some sort of record is kept. Hence, Tales from the Tour. Whether it be a ghost story shared from one of our guests or a paranormal experience that happens, this will be the place to find those tales. A behind the scenes of a tour that regularly provides supernatural surprises.

The first tale I would like to spin is a personal one. It is a simple tale of thanks and gratitude. Thank you to all the amazing people that have found this tour since Halloween of 2016. Thank you to the open minds and questioning souls that have been a part of this. I have met people from all walks of life, rich and poor, all with a passion for the unknown. Thank you for your interest in the supernatural and the inspiration you provide. Through the trials and tribulations associated with providing any sort of public entertaining venture, one constant has remained, and that is the great people that have crossed this path. So many kind hearts and warm faces have graced this tour. It has become a place where people who believe in things otherwise ridiculed by most can come share those experiences and feel comfortable. Every tour is different because of the people that make this more than just a tour but an experience. The questions and conversations spawned on this walk have been some of the most interesting I have ever had. I will forever be grateful for the time I have gotten to spend meeting so many wonderful people. Dare I say it gives me hope for humanity? Perhaps it does and for that I thank you.


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