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The Tour Becomes the Tale

It was March 16th, 2020, a day that shook the world. But for Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours, we don’t spook easily. And yet, that was the day the tour became a tale itself, as pandemics and lockdowns entered the zeitgeist. We shuttered our doors, following suit, and thought the whole thing to be very temporary, as did most. But the days came and went. Weeks turned into months. Months turned into years. And like the ghosts in our stories, we disappeared into the darkness, wondering if we could ever rise from the dead. But as they say in the occult world, whatever you do happen to bring back will never be the same. And the long road ahead was yet to be paved.


Dark Side of Denver has always been a special, unique experience. We took our guests into some of Denver’s oldest and most prestigious buildings to help bring our stories alive. Between the architecture, history, and the hallowed halls of the renowned buildings, it would leave folks feeling enthralled in Denver’s rich history and paranormal phenomena. However, because of the lockdown, many of the connections we had worked incredibly hard to establish and maintain had fallen through. As was common at the time, a lot of establishments had gone out of business, some had changed ownership, and others simply didn’t want to accept the secrets hiding in their walls. So, we knew we were in for the long haul now and would have to begin rebuilding.


For the next year and a half, we continued researching Denver’s hidden histories, crimes, and mysteries. You know, the seedier incidents that had once transpired in the city. We fostered new connections, reached out to our existing network, and continued investigating while keeping an eye on LoDo’s paranormal. During the lockdown, when those old buildings were empty, the spirits were even more restless. They missed our interactions. We utilized every resource available in hopes of telling their tales once again.


After a long and sometimes discouraging stretch of time, a glimmer of hope beamed through those shadows. We were approached by some folks interested in becoming guides for the tour. Now, working with a new team we finally had some traction. We revamped the script, breathing fresh air into the stories. We reconnected with locations and venues, allowing us to slowly piece the tour back together again. But, as previously mentioned, nothing can be brought back as it was. It must be born anew, like the phoenix rising from the ashes. We didn’t want three years to be in vain, and we knew we had more to offer. We wanted to ensure the tour came back stronger and more dynamic than ever.


Up until this year, we’ve been working behind the scenes to bring Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours back to life and now we’re confident to present our new version of the popular Denver experience. We are thrilled with the response we have gained thus far; the excitement and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive and it is truly an honor to be welcomed back into the LoDo community again. We have missed hearing your stories and meeting so many curious people from around the world. It’s always darkest before the dawn but now, finally emerging from those shadows, the future is looking so bright! Check our schedule here to find tour dates and join us for a different side of Denver.


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