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About the Author

Darkside of Denver Ghost tours is honored to offer books from Phil Goodstein. He has written over 26 books on the history of Denver and has been used as reference material for the majority of tours in Denver over the years. We are proud to offer two of his best selling books for you.

BOOK: The Ghosts of Denver: Capitol Hill

In the 1970s, ghosts started to fill Capitol Hill, the city’s elite neighborhood of grandeur and sleaze. Included are a couple of heads floating in tunnels under the State Capitol, the bones of a young girl in a bed and breakfast, and how the events of the 1979 Hollywood horror classic, The Changeling, occurred at 13th Avenue and Williams Street. Added to this are tales of how and why there are more than 2,000 bodies in Cheesman Park.

This is only the beginning of the stories in this well-illustrated volume. Most of all, it is a solid history of the Capitol Hill neighborhood and Colfax Avenue, dealing with people, places, and the events that have made the area what it is.

BOOK: The Seamy Side of Denver

Hidden beneath Denver’s gloss as a city of sophistication, is its record as a wild resort town. In the 19th-century, it had the reputation of being the West’s most sinful city. The Seamy Side of Denver tells what happened, looking at the red-light district, wild gambling sprees, and bloody murder.

The book continues the story into the 1990s. Included are the “pubic wars” of the 1970s and 1980s when Denver was filled with wild stripper bars. It focuses on police corruption, including when more than 50 police officers were arrested in 1961 for staging burglaries. Further there is the tale of how Elvis dressed in a police uniform while staging drug raids.


Black Long Sleeve Shirt

*Made of regular cotton and polyester blend

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About our Merchandise


Our tri-blend shirts are constructed of organic, U.S. cotton; polyester produced from recycled plastic bottles (6 bottles per tri-blend shirt that never make it to a landfill); and modal, a fiber from sustainably-farmed beech trees. Our cotton is grown in Texas, and spun, knitted, dyed and finished in the Carolinas, funding American jobs and reducing shipping pollution.


We’re putting our collective expertise and purchasing power to work, educating the market, while offering screen printers and consumers a better option. Our high-quality blank t-shirts are produced at a competitive price, making it easier to make a socially and environmentally-kind choice.


Safe and comfortable working conditions are a fundamental right.

Allmade is dedicated to a transparent supply chain and ethical production standards. The LIFE facility located on the outskirts of
Port-au-Prince, Haiti is BetterWork and WRAP certified and is open to visitors.

Makers earn more than 3x the going rate for like jobs in the area, an amount carefully calculated to support living expenses of a Haitian household