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Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours

Historic Haunted Walking Ghost Tours in Denver


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Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours was one of the most popular ghost tours in the country!

A very unique experience that took guests inside some of the oldest and most haunted buildings in Denver. It is was highly reviewed and received much national attention. Then, the pandemic lock down happened and the tours became a ghost story itself. It will be a long process to build back what was lost. But, you can help support us by supporting these other amazing tours and events around the greater Denver area.

Denver’s Best Paranormal Walking Tours

Thank you for your interest in Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours. We are a walking tour in lower downtown Denver and we focus on storytelling to give you a compelling, entertaining, and at times, unnerving tour.

On our Denver ghost tours, we combine historical facts with paranormal testimony to provide you with a new perspective of our proud city to the west. You learn about the hidden underground of Denver, some of the city’s most famous ghost stories, as well as exclusive stories from our personal investigations. We have worked with psychics, mediums, paranormal researchers, and other in-field professionals to create this unparalleled Denver walking ghost tour.

We are thankful for our guests and their amazing reviews!

Scary, Fun, Unforgettable!

Such a unique and fun tour - one I will never forget. Our guide Brook is who made it such a great experience - amazing storyteller. He really did his research with the history and case studies from these places. He was not there to try to convince people ghosts were real but instead to inform you about what others have said have occurred.

– Cameron W. | TripAdvisor
Excellent storytelling and Service!

I got to learn a bit about Denver's history with a fun excellent storyteller! The guide was also very helpful and took good care of each of the members on the tour. Strongly recommend to those who come for even a short visit.

– Joanna L. | TripAdvisor

We have been to numerous ghost tours around the US and this one was by far the best! The stories, visuals and the environment our guide Brook provides is worth every penny and will leave you with goosebumps. I highly recommend this tour for believers & non, as it gives you a good background of the city and interesting facts.

– Abbie M. | TripAdvisor
Full of History and Scares!

This was such a fun experience and taught us all about the history of downtown Denver along with some creepy scares in between. The tour gives you access to some places you would otherwise probably never see!

– Amanda B. | TripAdvisor