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Phil Goodstein: Seamy Side of Denver

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Adult Ages 13 and over

Tour Denver With Phil Goodstein

Phil Goodstein has been giving tours of the streets of Denver since 1986. Some of his most popular have been “The Seamy Side of Denver” and one of the first local haunted house tours with “Ghost Walk on Capitol Hill”. He has written 25 books on the history of Denver dealing with a wide variety of topics with Denver’s seedy past. These books have been used as research for the majority of historical and paranormal tours given throughout the years in Denver. This is a chance to spend time with one of Denver’s most eccentric historians. If you are looking for in depth history, paranormal stories, and local knowledge, Phil Goodstein is the expert.

The West’s Most Sinful City

Denver once had the reputation of “The West’s Most Sinful City.” It was filled with bordellos and casinos. They ranged from ornate establishments to cheap, dangerous, cheating dives. Bloody murder stalked the community. All the while, self-righteous advocates of good government sought to clean up the town. What happened, how a brothel operated, tales of crooked cops and the many ghosts of lower downtown are featured in this lively walk through Denver’s past and present.