Ghost Tours by Phil Goodstein: Limited Engagement

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Tour Denver With Phil Goodstein

We have had numerous inquiries about how to find out about more of the history when it comes to the streets of Denver and we are excited to bring you Denver native Phil Goodstein who has been wandering the streets since 1986.

Over the years, he has given a wide variety of tours from neighborhood walks to bar crawls to bicycle expeditions. Most of all, he has conducted “The Seamy Side of Denver” and the community’s pioneer modern haunted house tour, “Ghost Walk on Capitol Hill” since the 1990s.

Along the way, he has published widely on the city with more than 25 volumes. Some of them are foundation texts on which all other tour guides depend such as The Ghosts of Denver: Capitol Hill and The Seamy Side of Denver. He often walks backward on his tours, claiming he is talking to himself and seeing if anybody is interested in listening to him.

Among his popular tours are The Ghosts of Cheesman Park. This open space in the center of the city’s storied Capitol Hill neighborhood was once the community’s pioneer cemetery. There are still upwards of 2,000 bodies buried there.

How they got there and why they remain is but the beginning of the stroll, one which points out visible sunken graves in the park. The walk then focuses on how the classic Hollywood horror flick, “The Changeling” is based on events at Cheesman Park.

In 2018, a release of the film on Blu-Ray includes a trailer with Goodstein detailing the specific Mile High developments. Additionally, the two-hour tour visits nearby historic mansions, complete with tales about their colorful owners.

This is a chance to spend time with one of Denver’s most unique and eccentric characters while learning so much of Denver’s rich history.

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