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Phil Goodstein: The Ghosts of Capital Hill

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Adult Ages 13 and over

Tour Denver With Phil Goodstein

We have had numerous inquiries about how to find out about more of the history when it comes to the streets of Denver and we are excited to bring you Denver native Phil Goodstein who has been wandering the streets since 1986.

Over the years, he has given a wide variety of tours from neighborhood walks to bar crawls to bicycle expeditions. Most of all, he has conducted “The Seamy Side of Denver” and the community’s pioneer modern haunted house tour, “Ghost Walk on Capitol Hill” since the 1990s.

Along the way, he has published widely on the city with more than 25 volumes. Some of them are foundation texts on which all other tour guides depend such as The Ghosts of Denver: Capitol Hill and The Seamy Side of Denver. He often walks backward on his tours, claiming he is talking to himself and seeing if anybody is interested in listening to him.

Among his popular tours are Ghost Walk on Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is Denver’s most haunted neighborhood. The old and new come together along Colfax Avenue. Near the Capitol, one is likely to encounter anything and anybody. But what is real? What is myth? Come on a walk that features the sex, sleaze, spooks, and scandals of the area around the Capitol. Find out about the floating heads in tunnels under the Capitol. Is the ghost of Jack Kerouac nearby? Or is that actually the ghost of Baby Doe Tabor? How is it that the Whitehead-Peabody Mansion at 1128 Grant and the Croke-Patterson Mansion at 11th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street compete as the city’s most haunted house.

Tour guide Phil Goodstein has been giving ghost tours since the late 1980s. He is the author of the definitive volume on the subject, The Ghosts of Denver Capitol Hill.

This is a chance to spend time with one of Denver’s most unique and eccentric characters while learning so much of Denver’s rich history.

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